My Freelance Design Portfolio

Having a knack for graphic design has given me the oportunity to work on an extensive assortment of projects. I’ve been commissioned to work on website designs and development, custom illustrations, product packaging, fabric patterns, logo designs, marketing plans, app designs, and even more projects that you can find in this portfolio.

Click on any of the squares above, or any of the Portfolio links to the left, to view a few samples of my design work.

3 comments on “Portfolio

  1. Derek Hodge on said:

    I’m a college student in Orlando Florida and I’m writing a career paper in one of my classes, one of the requirements is to get a interview with a person In my major choice. Mine is graphic design. Is it possible that I can get In Contact with for a interview, your portfolio is amazing and I would really be thankful if you did.

    Thank you for your time

  2. Daniel Burns on said:

    I really want to be a freelance graphic artist, and I thought I was pretty good, but once I saw your work, I was amazed at how bad my art is… how do you do it? What programs do you use? I only use GIMP, and I’m self taught. What advice could you give me?

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